About Us

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Founded in Germany in 1965, American-European Insurance has brokered US compliant life insurance in Europe for the past 45 years. AEIB specializes in the products of US life companies rated S&P A, AA & AAA for high net worth Europeans and US expatriates throughout Europe. We have over $3,000,000,000 of life insurance in force in Europe.

In addition to operating in Europe, the corporation is also licensed in the United States. We broker protection (risk/term) life insurance in amounts of $1,000,000 to $65,000,000, primarily for estate and inheritance planning situations. This includes life policies with guaranteed coverage extending to age 121. We have also been successful in obtaining life coverage for insured’s with medical impairments up to age 89.

We also offer PPLI – Private Placement Life Insurance for both US domestic and US offshore insurers. Our minimum PPLI premium consideration is $500,000.

Although the corporate language is English, the AEIB office can also speak in German.

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